Toddler Mini Trampoline- Best Picks


The modern generation kids usually involve in useless lazy activities such as playing video games, watching TV, etc. for an extended period and are prone to many side effects and sickness. This may result in several serious complications that they face when growing up.

Toddler Mini Trampoline- Best Picks

This can be avoided by making your kids play outdoors. But it is not an easy task to convince the kids of this generation. However, toddlers who hesitate to play outdoors can be introduced to the trampolines and can be engaged in activities and exercises that involve playing in it.

Are they safe?

The common question that arises before buying a toddler trampoline is, whether it is safe or not? Don’t worry; they are extremely safer than the large ones at the backyard. These models generally come with bouncing heights lesser than all the other trampolines as they are designed especially for toddlers in an age group between 2-4 years.

What are the top models?

With several brands available in the market that claim to be a toddler trampoline, we have carefully picked the ones that would definitely benefit the safety factor for the toddlers to play with. They include the following picks.

PictureNameBest featurePriceOur rating
Little tikes 3’ TrampolineHigh quality $$4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
The Original toy company fold and go trampolineEasy to assemble$$$4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Diggin jumpsmart trampolineOffers support$$4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
Bazoongi bouncer trampolineRemovable handle$$$4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Little tikes 3’ Trampoline

We have picked this product to be the winner as it possesses large jumping surface along with the handle bar for increased stability. It is limited to be used indoors alone. The product is made with a material combination of plastic and metal.

But it has several major setback features; one among them is the foam cover of the handlebar.  As kids are fond of chewing anything, they tend to chew the handlebar which makes the handlebar get ruined out over the period of time as it is poorly built.

Another one is that the trampoline keeps moving while jumping as said by some customers in reviews. They also say that it is suitable only to be placed in an area that is carpeted. The product instructs to be used by only a single user at a time.

Little tikes 3’ Trampoline

Key features: Larger jumping area, Handle bar.

Pros: Easy assembly, Reduced injury as it is spring less, High-quality material for sturdiness.

The Original toy company fold and go trampoline

We have picked this product to be the second best product as it is capable of holding 150 pounds weight which makes the kids enjoy it even after several years of their toddler age. It facilitates easier bounces for the toddlers to enjoy well. The safety pad present is circular in shape and it adds safety.

It features easy assembling by unfolding the trampoline, screwing on the legs, attaching the handle and start bouncing. The product is also easy to disassemble and makes it ready for travel and storage.

Also, the product comes with a wide playing area of 36-inch diameter. But some customers have reported that the product smells plastic.

The Original toy company fold and go trampoline

Key features: Circular safety pad, handle bar, wide play area.

Pros: Easy to assemble, More weight holding capacity, Sturdy built up, Easy storage.

Diggin jumpsmart trampoline

The product is very funky with a triangular shape. It is a unique electronic trampoline that not only helps the kids to play, but also makes them learn easily. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It comes equipped with two handles to make it look like a bike. The bumper pads are brightly colored and can be easily cleaned. It comes with the five-in-one, multi-game sound system which includes: Bounce counts, Silly sounds, Musical statues, Animal sounds, and Memory match.

The Trampoline is claimed to be a perfect exercise for the toddlers indoors with a weight holding capacity of 80 lbs. The major drawback that restricts it from being at the top place is the toughest assembly required.

Diggin jumpsmart trampoline

Key features: Multi-game sound system, bumper pads, split handler.

Pros: Attractive colors and designs for kids, Benefit learning along with playing, Sturdy built up.

Bazoongi bouncer trampoline

It can be the best choice to gift your little one as it is equipped with 6 legs for additional stability. They are suitable to be used for indoors as well as outdoors.

The handle is padded and is removable; it can be adjusted to different heights. The play area comes with real galvanized springs that can provide better bouncing and are capable of enabling resistance against rust and changing weather conditions.

As it comes with legs attached, slipping is prevented even if the kids hang over the bar.

Bazoongi bouncer trampoline

Key features: attached legs, padded handle, galvanized springs.

Pros: Added stability, Removable handle for adjustments, Rust and weather resistant.

These are the top picks according to the customer reviews and ratings. You could see that the trampolines mostly come with a handlebar to benefit safety and maintain stability. Even if they are safer, the handlebars may cause injuries to the kids if they hang over it. So, make sure your little one plays under your supervision. If you have a little grown up kid, read our article on kids trampolines to purchase one for them too.