Best selling Mini Trampolines- Reviews


Generally, trampolines are purchased to be bigger in size as it offers wide are to jump and play. But, there are also people who wish to purchase a trampoline that is both cheaper, portable and offer performance irrespective of their size only to use it indoor for performing exercises.

Best selling Mini Trampolines- Reviews

The best choice for those people to opt for is the mini trampolines. As these mini trampolines are smaller in size, they can be easily be used both indoors and outdoors also, it saves the space to fit in any tiny apartment area.

They are usually less than 1 meter in diameter and about 12 inches above the ground. They are widely used by the fitness experts to perform exercises with a lesser impact on the knees and joints as it has a bouncing area made of foam without high bounces distinguished from the larger ones.

Top picks

With all the essential features and benefits the following are the trampolines we have picked to rank the top with respect to the customer ratings and reviews. Have a look at their features along with their pros.

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceOur Ratings
Stamina In Tone Oval joggerMore Stability$ (4.1 / 5)
Pure fun 40’ mini trampolineEasily Adjustable$ (3.9 / 5)
Sunny health and fitness 40” foldable trampolineFoldable$ (3.8 / 5)

Jump sport fitness trampoline model 250Quality$$ (4.7 / 5)

Maximus Pro quarter folding Mini trampolineStability$$ (4.6 / 5)

Stamina In Tone Oval jogger

The product gets our winner title as it comes handy with all essential features that have to be present in a mini trampolining device. It is made with steel frame in order to make it strong and durable by holding a weight of up to 250 lbs.

As it is oval in shape, the rebounding area offers more stability and enables performing varied workouts. It also gives you a DVD that features fitness expert performing different exercises that can be done using this particular trampoline.

It is built with an electronic fitness monitor that is multifunctional; it helps in tracking the total number of jumps performed in a minute, total workout time, and finally a number of calories burned.

With the unique blue border on the jumping area, it enables jumping only in the area that is rebounded. Also, the handlebar prevents from slipping and falling off. The product instructs to use it for at least three times a week up to 20 minutes to help in maintaining the shape of the body.

Stamina In Tone Oval jogger

Key features: Oval rebounder area, steel frame, electronic fitness multifunctional motor, unique blue border.

Pros: Strong and durable, Offers stability, Slip resistant.

Pure fun 40’ mini trampoline

The pure fun trampoline gets our runner up title as it comes with an attached handrail in an affordable price rate. It is rated for safety similar to that of those in bigger and expensive ones.

The product claims to be assembled easily and hence can help performing exercises as soon as you purchase. It features 36 springs which are covered with the help of the padded cover for safer bouncing.

The springs are made of heavy duty steel and the padding which is extra soft help in absorbing shock and provide resistance against tension. The surface of the jumping area is made of polypropylene material and it stays durable, strong and elastic.

The legs of the trampolines are made of hardened steel and are fitted with a rubber tip to offer grip. Also, these rubber tips are removable. It comes with a weight holding capacity of 250 lbs.

Pure fun 40’ mini trampoline

Key features: Handrail, padded cover, polypropylene material, rubber tip legs.

Pros: Inexpensive, Extra soft padding, Shock absorbing and tension resistant, Durable and elastic.

Sunny health and fitness 40” foldable trampoline

This trampoline is made of polypropylene material with a 40” diameter of rebounding surface area along with a stability bar that can be adjusted to different heights of 40, 45 and 50 inches. They are foldable and hence can be stored safely when not in use.

They are made of heavy duty steel frame with 32 metal springs. It also features 6 one inch legs at the bottom to enable stability and support up to 250 lbs of weight. With the help of the carry bag provided the trampoline can be carried to anywhere to work out.

Sunny health and fitness 40” foldable trampoline

Key features: Polypropylene material, metal springs, carry bags

Pros: The adjustable stability bar offers stability in various heights.

Jump sport fitness trampoline model 250

The jumpsport trampolines are black in color with 2 coats of quality finish to make it look elegant. It also has a metal mat at the rebounding area to enable adequate bounces. These metal mats are padded to be soft to avoid stress on the knees.

It is built with the EnduraLife 2 cords in order to give you freedom of movement. With the help of the Flex Bounce III technology, the bounce can be adjusted to different tension and firmness. The presence of EnduraLast II cords provides bounces that are smooth, cushioned and lively.

The rebounder frame is made of steel attached with springs to offer stress-free bounces for a user of weight up to 250 lbs. As it is built with arched legs, the trampolines can stay stable and safe. It is compact and convenient to store.

Jump sport fitness trampoline model 250

Key features: Enduralife 2 cords, Flex bounce III technology, steel rebounder surface.

Pros: Attractive look, Freedom of movement, Compact, and convenient storage.

Maximus Pro quarter folding Mini trampoline

The maximus pro trampoline is the one that comes with a nifty design and is foldable in quarters to facilitate convenient storage. With the help of the carry bag provided, it can be carried anywhere.

The stabilization handle that the product comes with can be attached easily and enable extra support for the user especially for those who have just begun working on it. The unique jumbo shaped spring system provides you a lesser impact and ultimate bounces.

The products provide a DVD which guides you through the exercises that can be performed with these trampolines that are categorized based on the user levels. The specially designed resistance bands clip onto the rebounder and provides extra resistance for toning the body and enhancing the lean muscle enabling enormous calories to be burned for user up to 300 lbs weight.

Maximus Pro quarter folding Mini trampoline

Key features: Stabilization handle, nifty design, and jumbo springs.

Pros: Convenient to store, Offers extra support, Provide fewer impact bounces.


To summarize, Mini trampolines are for those who wish to cut down calories with a trampoline that is small and occupies less space. As the rebounding exercises benefit therapeutic movement on the body, they help in burning more calories when compared to any other exercises. The best products that we have listed are of high quality and give an extraordinary performance with all necessary features. Consider purchasing one to get long lasting performance.