Pure Fun Trampoline-Review

Pure Fun Trampoline-Review

The pure fun trampoline is one of the common trampoline brands that maintains its reputation and uses. The main motto of the pure fun brand is to keep the kids and the adults active while bouncing on the trampoline.

Pure Fun Trampoline-Review

Pure fun has manufactured many trampolines that suit all the persons and the users. In general, the pure fun kid’s trampoline is a best-selling kid’s trampoline in the world. This trampoline has various products with distinctive features, they include the following.


The pure fun trampoline suits the best to be used in both the indoor and the outdoor environment. This trampoline offers the best support to the user and it has many other features also. The key features of the pure fun trampolines are listed below.


The springs are an important constituent in this trampoline, which offers perfect bouncing experience. The springs are made up of high quality galvanized steel that have corrosion free technology. The springs are durable and they last for a long period of time. Few trampolines of pure fun use bungee cords instead of springs.


The frame of the pure fun is made up of high quality galvanized steel that is coated with a powder. The frames have rust resistant technology and offer perfect support to the user. The frames are variedly sized based on the type of trampoline.

ATSM approved:

The trampolines from pure fun are approved by ATSM that they meet safety standards. This standard determines that the trampoline is completely safe to use and it does not have any drawbacks. It also means that the trampoline has crossed many safety tests.


All pure fun trampolines have a foam pad that covers the area between the bouncer mat and the spring. This pad adds safety to the user. It is made up of high-quality UV-material and is made up of soft foam.


Most of the outdoor trampolines from pure fun are netted to ensure safety to the user.  The nets used in this trampoline are made up of durable material.


The pure fun trampoline for kids are designed with a handle. The handle is made up of durable material that offers complete support to the user. Most of the handles are padded and offers complete grip to the user.

Popular pure fun trampolines

There are many types of pure fun trampolines available in the market, among them, the popular trampolines of pure fun are listed below.

Pure Fun 46-inch Mini Trampoline 

This trampoline from pure fun better suits the indoor environment than the outdoor. This is a mini trampoline that can bear weight up to 250lbs. This trampoline is made up of durable materials and has 36 springs in it. There are 6 legs in this trampoline with the rubber tip edges. The handrail can be adjusted to variable lengths and this trampoline suits the person above 12 years of age.

Pure Fun 46-inch Mini Trampoline

Key features: 36 springs, steel frame, and rubber tip edges.

Pros: UV-resistant, durable and rust free.

Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

This is a specially designed trampoline for kids. This trampoline has bungee cords that replaces the place of the spring. These cords offer efficient bouncing to the user. The handle is made up of durable steel and is padded. This trampoline is brightly colored and bears about 75lbs weight. It is best suited for kids between 3-7 years of age.

Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

Key features: Brightly colored, bungee cords, and ergonomic handle.

Pros: Easy to assemble, safe and provides grip.

Pure Fun 36-Inch Kids Mini Trampoline

This is a 36-inch mini trampoline that is specially designed for kids. This trampoline offers great support to the kid. The frame and the handle are made up of galvanized steel. This trampoline offers bungee system to the kids. This system provides support to the user.  The handle used in this trampoline is padded and it has rubber tipped legs.

Pure Fun 36-inch Kids Jumper Trampoline

Key features: galvanized steel, PVC covering, and rubber-tip legs.

Pros: offers complete support, durable and safe.

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