Best Trampoline Shoes- Top Jump Shoes Boots Picks

Best Trampoline Shoes- Top Jump Shoes Boots Picks

Trampoline is used to perform Trampolining; an ardent sport. It is both fun and exciting and can be performed by people of all ages. Despite the fun it brings, there are also several damages and injuries associated with it as it is made of a mesh style bed.

Best Trampoline Shoes- Top Jump Shoes Boots Picks

To prevent injuries and to ensure safer tumbling, many brands have come up with a range of shoes that can be used for tumbling. The presence of the metal frame helps to increase the bouncing efficiency and keeps the feet sturdy.

Is it necessary to wear a shoe?

Yes, it is. Even the jogging and walking requires wearing shoes to save your legs from hazards on your way. When it comes to trampolining, it becomes an utmost necessity to wear a shoe. They help in reducing the pains associated with the legs and the back and thereby enable you to bounce high and perform efficiently.

These shoes come equipped with a spring at the bottom in order to create bounces every time you jump. You may feel a bit harder to wear and jump but once you get used to it, you will feel comfortable wearing of the shoes. It not only guards your feet but also, gives a number of health benefits.

How does it differ from common boots?

It differs with the use of extra accessories for added safety. They generally protect the athletes from tight muscles and leg injuries which the normal boots cannot do well. Upon wearing, it also burns calories by providing an impact on joints and legs.

Tips to choose the best shoe

The trampoline shoes apart from being comfortable to wear must also be able to satisfy the needs of the user performing trampolining. The popular performers recommend choosing a shoe which meets the following beneficiaries.

  • The shoe has to be tight and offer slip resistant.
  • It should enable you to prevent getting caught on the trampoline mesh.
  • It must be soft and act as padding against the rough surface.
  • Also, it is necessary to be capable of maintaining balance.

What are the best brands available?

There is a wide range of models available under this category. But we have listed only the best ones to help you perform well. They include,

PictureNameBest featurePriceOur rating
Kangoo jumps XR3mobile rebounding$$$4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Air kicks Anti- gravity running bootsUniversal size fit$$$4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
G-max jumping shoesLow impact$$$5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Bounceblade rollerbladeAllen wrenches$$$4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Kangoo jumps XR3

The jumping shoes can be used for all activities such as walking, jogging, running and jumping and ranks top as it has an interactive customer support and reduces 80% shock. They benefit in reducing the back and the joint pains along with burning calories as you exercise in a less duration of time. They help in exercising of the lymphatic and the cellular systems. Upon wearing the shoe for a longer time and exercising, you can uptake maximum oxygen and boost up your stamina levels.

Kangoo jumps XR3

Key Features: 3 option model, mobile rebounding.

Pros: 80% shock reduction,Interactive customer support, Burns calories, Boost stamina.

Air kicks Anti- gravity running boots

The product gets the second place under the best category as it has the sizes that fit comfortably into the foot of anyone irrespective of the age and the gender. It is shaped wider with an ergonomic design for more comfort. It is benefitted with the all new Jumping jax technology and help in reducing an impact on the back, knees and ankles. They also offer a wide range of T- springs which can be replaced with respect to the changes in the body weight. They are limited to be used with the children or adult with a weight range between 99 and 176 lbs.

Air kicks Anti- gravity running boots

Key Features: Wider boot design, ergonomically shaped, T-spring technology.

Pros: Universal size fit, Low impact strides, Enables Soft cushiony motion.

G-max jumping shoes

They are suitable to perform any activity like running, jogging or walking. These are shoes that benefit burning the calories quickly within 10 minutes of wearing and exercising. It is built with a ball and a spring that acts as a shock absorbing device and helps to relieve the shock. They can be worn by people of different weight range as it has the facility to tighten or loosen the screw to offer fitting. It is made with Prozarx T& Ball technology and also has a reflector system over the back side to facilitate vision at night time.

G-max jumping shoes

Key Features:Diet shoes, shock absorbing device.

Pros: Can be used indoors and outdoors, Easy fitting sizes that are flexible, Low impact shoes.

Bounceblade rollerblade

The product facilitates to be used for rebounding as well as rollerblading exercises. They help in strengthening the joints. The presence of the Allen wrenches befits easy removal of the spring or the wheel. It consists of an outer sole which can be easily removed and is washable. To the side of the shoe, it is built with a push button which can be used to adjust the size of the shoe to 3 different lengths. It is limited to be used by the persons weighing up to 150lbs.

Bounceblade rollerblade

Key Features: Push button, Allen wrenches,3 different lengths.

Pros: Allen wrenches for spring removal, Washable liner, size adjustment.

These are the best shoes that are widely available for performing trampolining as a sport or as an exercise. However, it is restricted to be used by people who have balancing problems or other health problems, and the pregnant women.


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