Orbounder 12′ Trampoline With Enclosure-Review

Orbounder 12' Trampoline With Enclosure-Review

The trampolines are one of the best and easy methods to maintain fitness. The trampolines are a recreational device that can be used in any place and it offers fitness just by bouncing on it. The fitness offered by the trampoline is three times higher than that of jogging. So, the trampoline is used widely by many persons all over the world.

Orbounder 12' Trampoline With Enclosure-Review

There are many brands of the trampolines, among them, the Orbounder trampoline maintains its reputation with its features. The Orbounder trampoline is generally an outdoor trampoline that offers perfect bounce and fitness to the user. The various features of this trampoline are listed below.


The design of the Orbounder trampoline is similar to that of the traditional trampolines. Some of the important features of this trampoline are listed below.


The frame of the Orbounder trampoline is made up of high-quality steel which is galvanized. This steel provides resistance against corrosion. The frame is designed to be round in shape and is specially designed for a 12-feet mat.


The mat is made up of high-quality polypropylene mesh material. The mat is durable and it resists the UV radiation. It also offers perfect bouncing to the user and  enables the user to bounce safely within the region.


The legs of this trampoline are made up of highly durable steel that is galvanized. This steel also has a rust resistant technology. There are 6 legs in the trampoline that are W-shaped. The W-shaped legs offer complete stability to the user.


There is a net enclosure in this trampoline that ensures safety to the user. This net is made up of mesh. The closure method of the net is the zip and the buckle method. The closure method is also durable and it lasts for a long time.


The trampoline has a soft foam pad placed between the mat and the frame. This pad is used as a safety measure. This pad is soft and safeguards the user without affecting them.


This trampoline uses galvanized springs for bouncing. This spring is made up of high-quality material and measures about 5.5-inch width. It also has a corrosion resistant technology and it offers perfect bouncing.

Other features of this trampoline are

  • This trampoline can bear the weight about 350lbs.
  • The maximum height of this trampoline is 35-inches and the width is 144-inches.
  • The color of this trampoline is black; that is durable.
  • This trampoline is very easy to assemble.
  • It uses 6 springs for bouncing.
  • Safeguards the user completely.
  • The trampoline is 12 feet in diameter.


  • This trampoline is used as a perfect fitness agent by many people all over the world.
  • The frame and the legs are durable.
  • The bouncer mat has a UV-resistant technology.
  • This trampoline suits the best in the outdoor environment.
  • It helps to improve the function of the heart and other organs.


The net is not durable and it discomforts the user. By replacing the net, the user can experience a best bouncing experience.

These are the various features and characteristics of the Orbounder trampoline. If you have any queries feel free to ask us.

Orbounder 12' Trampoline With Enclosure

Key features: galvanized steel frame, W-shaped legs, soft foam pad.

Pros: UV-resistant, corrosion free and durable.


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