Springfree Trampoline Review


Are you searching for a trampoline that is extraordinary? Then, consider purchasing any one of the Springfree products. The Springfree is a brand that offers trampolines that stand out of the crowd among all the other trampolines widely available in the market. Even though they are much expensive, they provide the distinctive world class features that the other trampolines do not offer.

Springfree Trampoline Review

What makes them stand out the crowd?

There are several qualities that make them distinctive and unique. They are;

  • Patented rod construction- The Springfree is the first brand that has come up with a product that omits the usage of springs to the trampoline base. Their products are made of rods with no protruding screws in it.
  • Non- padded- While all the other trampolines require padding of the utmost necessity to avoid getting hurt by the metal frame, the Springfree comes with an all new no padding design as it does not use screws in the base.
  • Durability- In general, all trampolines are made of the galvanized steel frame, but the Springfree products set the trend by using the fiberglass rods to hold up the jumping area thereby making it  look new even after several years of purchase. It is made of a metal that is coated twice. Also, all the accessories that come attached with these trampolines are UV resistant.
  • Video instructions- Even though the instructions are provided clearly in words or pictures, there can be nothing clearer than the instruction that comes with a video clip. It offers an overall video tutorial for assembly.
  • Weight limitations- It is unique with a weight holding range of up to 250 lbs.

What are the models they market?

They offer wide variety of models with various sizes and shapes featuring a basketball hoop along with a ladder and that include

  1. 8*11’ oval medium trampoline
  2. 10’ medium round trampoline
  3. 11’ large square trampoline
  4. 13’ jumbo square trampoline

Review of the trampoline

Each trampoline varies only with the size and the shape. Apart from that the general features and benefits remain the same for all the models. To help you get a clear idea, we have detailed the common benefits and features of the products of this brand.

What are the unique features and benefits?

The manufacturer claims to be the world’s safest trampolines. As the name suggests, the product is Springfree for extra safety. It comes attached with a ladder and a basketball hoop as an additional accessory.

As it is springless, it is made with patented rod system to achieve bounces similar to the springs. The product can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds. The steel frames are made of galvanized steel and are coated with powder to be durable.

The enclosure net and the mats are made with polypropylene to protect against UV rays along with the rods made of composite fiberglass rods.

Key features: springless, flexinet, soft edge mat,


  • Soft touch knit flexi net enclosure.
  • With the hidden frame of three layers, it is three times thicker.
  • The soft edge mat with geo textile construction absorbs 30 times more impact than padding
  • The mat rods and nets are flexible and are stronger than steel


  • Some customers reported that the assembly instructions are not clear.

Which is the best among their models?

Each and every model offered by this brand stands to be the winner. But the overall title winner is the 8*13’ trampoline considering the vast play area, safety, and the bounce rates.


Overall, the Springfree is the single brand that offers trampolines with word class benefits. Unless you are a gymnast that requires much wider space to perform exercises and train with various movements, consider buying this product that is ranked for safety if you wish to spend the money at this expense. Remember, it is also worth to each penny you spend.