Best Trampoline Anchors-How To Secure A Trampoline?


Trampolines are fun and entertaining. Nowadays, trampolines are purchased for every household. But those areas that can be easily attacked by wind or storm has to be prepared to prevent the trampoline discs from flying around.

Best Trampoline Anchors-How To Secure A Trampoline

How to secure them?

Trampolines are prone to fly these days. They can lift up with the wind and damage your home and even your surroundings. This is because of the wider trampoline mat. The mats generally have padding that is secured with the springs. So, only a less wind can escape through the springs. Having a trampoline with net enclosure is more prone to be attacked by the wind as it acts like a sail.

How do you secure them? It can be done by detaching the parts of the trampoline separately and storing it in a place where it cannot be attacked by the wind. But, it is not that easy. Detaching is a tedious task and it can’t always be done as the storm or heavy wind approaches all of a sudden. At this juncture, the use of anchors and wind stakes came to power.

How to Anchor a trampoline?

The trampolines can be anchored in two different ways: One is with the help of wind stakes; they can be buried in the ground with the cement binding and place the trampolines over it. This will never let the trampoline move and is considered the permanent solution for flying of trampolines.

The second method is purchasing anchors that are in the shape of a long, twisting rod and can be buried deep into the ground. This is considered to hold better as it has a spiral steel. Also, it is necessary to tie your trampolines with chains or ropes from the trampoline anchors to the top of the steel surrounding the safety net.

What are the best brands?

We have picked several brands of trampoline anchor kits to help you choose one to secure your best trampolines. They are as follows.

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceOur Ratings
Jump sport trampoline anchor kitSafety Net Enclosure$ (4.6 / 5)

Upper bounce Trampoline anchor kitHIgh Quality$ (3.8 / 5)

Jumpking trampoline anchor kitPerfectable$ (3.9 / 5)

Tie down 59070 anchor kitDurable$ (4.4 / 5)

Pure fun trampoline anchor kitPrevent Damage$ (3.5 / 5)

Jump sport trampoline anchor kit

The jumpsport anchor kit ranks top in the market as it secures the trampolines firmly and does not make it slip even if you play basket ball in it or in the case of  a heavy storm. The product has four straps along with four augers.

The augers go deep into the ground by twisting and keep your trampoline secured in the same place without moving. It also comes with cork screws to help in assembly. This single kit will benefit tying down all the legs of your trampoline safely.

Jump sport trampoline anchor kit

Jump sport trampoline anchor kit

Key features: Spiral rods, augers, and straps, cork screws.

Pros: Secures trampolines, Single kit holds all the essential items, Increased safety.

Upper bounce Trampoline anchor kit

The product seconds the previous kit with the adjustable straps to fit tightly. The kit includes a set of 4 anchors and 8 buckles. These anchors facilitate easy assembly by screwing the steel anchor to the ground and connecting the strap; to the loop of the anchor and the trampoline frame.

With the help of adjustable buckles, they can be adjusted to any heights according to your preferences. They are suitable to secure trampoline frames up to a maximum height of 34 inches. It has a sturdy design that screws to the ground and adds security.

Upper bounce Trampoline anchor kit

Upper bounce Trampoline anchor kit

Key features: adjustable straps, easy assembly, sturdy design.

Pros: Optimal protection, High-quality material built up, Offer UV resistant.

Jumpking trampoline anchor kit

The product is a combo pack of 4 augers and 4 straps to help the trampoline to get secured tightly. The augurs are designed spirally to get deep into the ground up to a foot height. However, the product is not suitable to be used for places which are sandy. In those cases, secure it by pouring in cement to secure them.

Jumpking trampoline anchor kit

Jumpking trampoline anchor kit

Key features: Spiral augers.

Pros: Secures tight with spiral augers, Benefits additional safety.

Tie down 59070 anchor kit

The product comes as a combo of 4 anchors, 8 clamps, and a 50 ft galvanized cable. The anchors are 4- 15” in size with 4” helix. The galvanized cable is made of 8- 1/8” wired rope clips to facilitate running from the anchor to the trampoline. It also helps to enable protection against rust and make it durable.

This has to be assembled by twisting the spiral steel piece present at the bottom into the ground. The product is suitable for most of the trampolines and any other product that requires securing to the ground firmly.

Tie down 59070 anchor kit

Tie down 59070 anchor kit

Key features: Anchors, clamps, Galvanized steel.

Pros: Rust resistant, Suitable for trampolines and all products that require fixing to the ground.

Pure fun trampoline anchor kit

The product comes with 4 stakes that are made of galvanized steel for offering resistance to rust. The straps are tough and have high strengths.

The product helps to hold the trampolines in place during mild wind and storms and not heavy storms and tornados. Also, the manufacturer claims to use two kits to secure them when in sandy, high wind area or in loose soil.

Pure fun trampoline anchor kit

Pure fun trampoline anchor kit

Key features: Galvanized steel stakes, High strength straps.

Pros: Offers rust resistance, High strength, tough straps.

These are top most products rated high in stores. Also, make sure if your area is prone to heavy storms or lighter winds and purchase the one which can hold your trampoline in place irrespective of the weather conditions.