Trampoline Pads- How To Replace Them?

Trampoline Pads- How To Replace Them

Trampolines are an entertainment product that offers superior fun and excitement to work with. They can also be used for burning calories by exercising. In general, the trampolines are made with a steel frame that has a strong fabric lengthened across and act as a mat to enable the user to jump over. The durability of the trampolines is dependent on the pads or the mats used.

Trampoline Pads- How To Replace Them

Is it necessary to replace?

Yes, it is. The trampoline pads undergo wear and tear with jumping. You can get to know that it needs replacement as soon as it starts giving lesser bouncing rates. The lower bounce rates may be a result of the stretched springs, worn out fibers on the mat upon changing weathers thereby creating tiny holes in the padding. This is a sign of changing the trampoline pads.

There are few families who continue using the trampolines by considering the worn out pads to be a silly issue. But it is not so, the mats that are not repaired even after this period results in serious complications. Whereas there are few, who consider buying a new trampoline in case the pads are worn out. It is not necessary too. It can be replaced with a new pad and get back the original bounces.

How to measure the pad size and replace the pads?

There are many families who prefer to purchase a new trampoline as they are unaware of the replacement method. It is easier to replace by following proper methods. The most important step is to measure the correct size of the trampoline to replace it properly according to their shapes.

Measuring round trampolines

The measurement of the round trampolines is done by measuring the metal frames to know its diameter.

  1. Begin by starting at the outer metal edge of one side and continue measuring across till the other side.
  2. Now, measure the perpendicular to the area of the metal frame you previously measured. By taking the average of the two measurements gives you the exact size of the trampoline.

Measuring rectangular or square shaped trampolines

These trampolines are to be measured the metal frame on each side.

  1. Begin by starting at the outer edge of the metal frame on any one of the short side.
  2. Now, measure it across till the opposite side of the metal frame.
  3. Proceed by measuring the diameter of the longer sides similarly. These measurements can be noted as the dimensions of the rectangular trampolines.

Measuring octagonal trampolines

The octagonal ones are measured from corner to corner of the metal frame.

  1. Begin at the outer edge of the metal frame at any one of the corners.
  2. Now, measure it on the opposite side of the metal edge to reach the opposite corner and take measurements perpendicular to the corners measured already.
  3. By taking the average of the two measurements, you can get the size of the trampoline.

In all cases, measure the size of the relaxed spring to find the spring size. Also, note down the number of springs used in it to the number of holes that requires replacing in the mat.

What are the best brands available?

There are wide ranges of brands that offer additional support near the holes and are made of higher quality materials. We have listed the best products to help you choose one. They include,

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceOur Ratings
Sky bound replacement mats
Specific Size$4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Trampoline pro replacement mats
Jump Comfort$4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Super round trampoline safety pad

High Quality, $$3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Trampoline mat by Bounce Pro

High Quality$4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Skywalker trampoline mat
UV Resistant$5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Sky bound replacement mats

These mats top the market with the presence of the thicker V-rings. The sky bound mats are suitable to be used for round trampolines with frame diameter ranging from 8ft to 15 ft and for the replacement mats that has 72 holes in it along with 7” springs when stretched.

The thicker V-rings are made of stronger steels to make it last longer with durability. It is also stitched with additional rows so that the stitches don’t come off easily thereby enabling the V-rings to stay longer.

The mats are built with anti microbial and anti bacterial coating for ensuring safety. The product also comes with a 5-year warranty. The mat is available in 13*13 ft square frames.

Sky bound replacement mats

Key features: V-rings, additional rows of stitching.

Pros: Durable, Ensures safety, Antimicrobial and antibacterial resistance.

Trampoline pro replacement mats

The mat comes in the runner up category as it is resistant to puncture and changing weather conditions as it is constructed with the Permatron trampoline fabric. They are available for trampolines ranging between 8 ft – 15 ft.

They are woven to be smooth to benefit comfort jumping. The attachment rings are made of high-quality zinc rings to resist corrosion and the ring connection straps are UV inhibited.

They are manufactured with ISO quality and ASTM standards. They come with an enormous 180 days warranty. But, make sure you measure your trampoline perfectly, to avail proper fitting of the mat sizes.

Trampoline pro replacement mats

Key features: 180 days warranty, ISO Quality.

Pros: High Quality, Smooth, Comfort Jumping.

Super round trampoline safety pad by Upper bounce

These pads are strong and are of high quality and are capable of absorbing shock and provide resistance against water. The quality materials involved in the making of the product are; PVC for the top part, PE for the bottom area, and foam which is of high-quality EPE with a ½” thickness to help providing high density. As the foam is of closed cell type, they do not absorb water, thereby keeping your mat free from mildew and help to maintain shape.

It provides three color choices and is equipped with rubber ties for enhanced protection and to benefit tight holding of the frame. The pad skirt comes with a 6-month warranty and the major attraction feature is that it can be customized to fit the size of your trampoline.

Super round trampoline safety pad by Upper bounce

Key features: PVC top, EPE foam, Closed cell type foam.

Pros: Shock absorbing, Water resistant, Holds tight.

Trampoline mat by Bounce Pro

It is a product from the USA and is made with polypropylene material to benefit durability and strength. These jumping mats come with a 150” material and can fit  a metal frame of 14” sizes excluding the V rings. Also, ensure if your trampoline mat uses 72 springs that are 5.5” each to enable proper fitting.

Trampoline mat by Bounce Pro

Key feature: Polypropylene material.

Pros: Durable with high strength.

Skywalker trampoline mat

The sky walker mats are made of best quality materials and can fit a trampoline of 15” size. The product provides resistance against slipping and changing weather conditions.

The upper is made of UV resistant material too. But, the manufacturer does not provide springs included as a combo and it has to be purchased separately.

The product comes in different models and the manufacturer has provided a look-up tool to know the right model to fit your trampoline size.

Skywalker trampoline mat

Key features: Best quality materials.

Pros: Slip resistance, Weather resistance.

These are the list of mats available in the market and are picked based on the customer ratings and reviews in the popular online retail store. If you don’t find a suitable mat in this article, you can make use of this comparison to know what to look for in a mat and research the stores to find the required trampoline mats.


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