Trampoline Sizes Guides- Which Size To Choose?

Trampoline Sizes Guides- Which Size To Choose

Trampoline is a fun device which is made of a steel frame with a strong fabric lengthened across as a bed. The word trampoline is derived from the Spanish language; which means a diving board. The trampolines were originally named as rebound tumbler, as they were used to perform a sport called rebound tumbling.

Trampoline Sizes Guides- Which Size To Choose

What are the sizes available?

The trampoline may be commonly used for tumbling, but they do not look similar everywhere. They vary in sizes and shapes. In general, the trampolines are available in the following sizes; 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14ft, 15 ft, 16 ft.

What are the factors to be considered while purchasing a trampoline?

The trampolines have to be purchased by keeping in mind the following essential factors,

The size of the backyard

The first and the foremost point to consider is the size of the backyard or the place you wish to place your trampoline. Measure the size of the required place in length, breadth, and height and purchase the one which can fit your place.

Number of users

The number of kids & adults present in your family should also be considered while purchasing a trampoline. If you are going to buy a trampoline for your child alone, go with the smaller size, if your child brings frequent visitors to play along, consider purchasing a one little bigger, if it is to be used by adults too, then choose the appropriate size accordingly.

Weight of the users

The trampolines have to be purchased based on the weight of the persons going to use it. The trampolines generally come with the description of the weight holding capacity. Spend time when searching for a size that will match the weight of the users.

Bouncing capacity

The trampolines have to be purchased by considering the capacity of bouncing you require. Kid’s trampolines can be bought at a smaller size with lesser bouncing rates for safety, whereas the adults’ trampolines can be purchased at a bigger size offering extreme bouncing rates.

Which is the best size to purchase?

Despite the wide variety of choices available, it requires patience and time to pick the right one according to your needs. We have listed the various sizes and its uses to guide you through.

Round trampoline sizes

The sizes that fall under this category include the following. They are usually round or a bit oval in shape and are mostly preferred and are safer than the others with adequate bouncing capacity.

8 ft

These trampolines are considered suitable for the gardens that are small and those families which have little kids. These are designed to be lower to the ground level in order to make the kids climb easily without an additional ladder. They are generally round in shape for ease of use.

10 ft

These trampolines are also suitable for smaller gardens and for families that have larger children along with the users having more weight. However, both the 8 ft and the 10 ft trampolines are limited to be used by only one user or a single kid.


These are trampolines that are little bigger than the normal 8 and the 10 ft ones and are still smaller when compared to the bigger ones. These are generally referred to as the medium sized trampolines and are purchased preferably. These are suitable for slightly bigger gardens and with the families that have two or more kids with lesser weights. In case of the user with more weight, it is preferred to go with one user at a time.


These are the ones that suit bigger families and the users with more weight categories. They require a little wider space in the gardens. They can be used by the users who wish to perform smaller exercises that require medium flexibility like the somersaults and the back flips.

15 ft

These are similar to the 14 ft trampolines and can be used by the users who require the one for performing various gymnastic techniques. They require a big backyard space to be placed and offer more flexibility than the other categories.

16 ft

This is the biggest trampoline size and is considered suitable for the gardens that have larger garden spaces. They are suitable for bigger families with many adults and are usually expensive with a high price tag. They can be purchased by the users who wish to practice tumbling seriously. They provide a wider bed to the user to jump on with a lesser chance of landing on the springs, frame or falling off.

Rectangular trampoline sizes

The rectangular trampolines are also dependent on the backyard size as the major factor. Avoid buying if it is too big to fit in. They are generally not suitable for little kids as they do not give solid bounce.

10*17 Olympic sizes

They are suitable for kids over the age of 9 and above since the younger kids cannot get a good bouncing effect. They are affordable too.

Mini trampolines

These mini trampolines are suitable for little kids alone. They are most suitable for kids below six years of age. This can be opted for little beginners to get used to trampolines and tumbling. They are available in both indoor and outdoor types.

Final word

As a final word to mention, we recommend you to choose a trampoline size according to your family size and the user weight and according to your backyard space. It is an utmost necessity to limit the use to only one user at a time to avoid falling off. Also, maintain the area of your trampoline to be clean and tidy. Prevent the entry of animals and children near to it. In the case of any damage to the spare parts or spring stretching, prefer to replace the parts as soon as possible to prevent any further injuries.


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