SportsPower Trampoline Reviews- Best Pick

SportsPower Trampoline Reviews- Best Pick

Sportspower is one of the trampoline brands that offer trampolines of various sizes and uses. The brand offers products for kids, as well as, adults and these trampolines claim to provide entertainment for the entire family members.

SportsPower Trampoline Reviews- Best Pick

What are the models being marketed?

The sportspower trampoline markets different models with various sizes that include

  • 7 ft trampoline
  • 15 ft trampoline
  • Bouncepro 15 ft trampoline
  • 17 ft oval trampoline

Does it have any distinct features?

Yes, they of course do. The various distinct features offered by them in their models are,

  • Safety enclosure- There is no model of the brand available devoid of the enclosure netting. The enclosure ring is said to have patented STLFLXX enclosure rings to provide additional stability.
  • Legs- Most of the models that are built for kids as well as adults come with a distinct T shape welded leg design that is patented by them while some of the models come with a U-shaped patented leg design and this unique leg design can’t be seen in any other brand models. These T or U-shaped legs are said to hold the trampoline without slipping even if you jump hard.
  • Electron shooter game- They also come equipped with the electron shooter game in their trampolines. These games are played by controlling a character that guides the weapons to shoot the target. The trampoline also provides the target for shooting thereby enabling kids play time to be more fun.
  • Flash light zone- The 7 ft trampoline model comes built with a flash light zone that flashes light as the users jump on the trampoline. With this unique quality, the kids can play it both indoors and outdoors safely.

Which is the best seller of their products?

Even though the brand offers various models; the bestseller is the one trampoline that is suitable for kids. We have discussed in detail about the review of only that particular product.

My first trampoline 84”

This emerges as the winner of all the other brands sold by the brand and also competes with the products manufactured by other brands. As it is designed for kids, the parents choose this product mostly for the low height of the trampoline; it is low to ground and kids can play safe without slipping and falling off from heights.

The product claims being made with USA safety standards and has unique blow-molded legs that are six in number to provide stability. The frame of the trampoline is made of steel and is galvanized to resist rust and be durable against changing weather conditions.

The safety enclosure is made of PE enclosure and is supported with the help of arch poles that are three in number and are strong in nature to prevent kids from falling off. The zipper entry feature also enables safe entry and exit to the kids.

The springs are made of steel to give adequate bounces and are covered with the help of the pad protector that is made with a durable material; in order to prevent injuries. However, the product limits to be used by kids of 3-10 years of age with a weight of up to 100 lbs.

My first trampoline 84”

Key Features: galvanized steel frame, PE enclosure, pad protector

Pros: Low height prevents falling, safety and gripping, Rust and weather resistant, support enclosures, Durable and provide longer.

The bad

Overall, even if the product comes with additional safety features and added benefits, it has certain drawbacks reported too. The major drawback as stated by several customers is, “it is difficult to be assembled”. Several other customers also report that the product is heavy to carry outdoors after assembly along with the doors that do not shuts proper.


As these trampolines are purchased widely for the little kids, kindly read the assembly instructions and get to know if you can follow them easily so as to avoid difficulty. Consider purchasing one only if you can supervise your kid and keep an eye on them when playing even in outdoors.

Also, remember that the sportspower is not the complete manufacturer of the parts; they only purchase the best parts from the different manufacturers and assemble them to market. Also, the product claims to be a family game rather than being sports equipment. Make sure you purchase the one by compromising the bad and are capable of accepting the good alone. Good luck!!


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