How Much Does A Trampoline Cost?

How Much Does A Trampoline Cost

Trampolines are a piece of fun and entertainment to jump over. Nowadays, people wish to have a trampoline as a mandatory accessory for the yard at the back. But the fear factor is the cost of purchasing one. Is it really expensive? Not really. The trampolines come in different shapes, sizes and price ranges.

How Much Does A Trampoline Cost

The trampolines are priced based on the function they perform and also the weight they hold. There are cheaper ones available too. But not all cheaper trampolines are worthless and the costlier ones worthy.

What affects the price?

  1. Size– In general the trampolines are priced based on their sizes. The normal 10 ft trampoline cost lower than the 18 ft ones. Hence, you have to purchase the one based on your needs.
  2. Accessories– In addition to the quality, the trampoline is also based on the accessories they include. Not all brands offer accessories required, but there are brands that offer the complete package of accessories, (Games, Ladder, Cover, Stakes, spring cover, surrounding mat) and rate the product high.
  3. Style – The rate also depends on the shape of the trampoline. The normal round shaped trampolines cost lower when compared to that of the rectangular shaped ones. There are also brands manufacturing square, octagon shapes.
  4. Safety– The trampolines with the safety net as an enclosure costs higher than the ones that do not have an enclosure. Those without the safety net are cheaper but are not safer.

How are the trampolines classified with respect to the price?

The trampolines are generally classified into three major categories based on their prices. They are

The basic trampoline

The basic trampolines are the traditional ones and are the cheapest. They are durable and are yet cheaper. One of the best brands offering trampolines under this category is the Skywalker trampolines.

Skywalker trampolines

These are the trampolines considered suitable for the children who are little bigger. These trampolines though cheaper, come with a safety enclosure for added safety. They have an internal frame which is made of Galvanized steel and are interlocking types and are resistant to rusts. In between the trampoline and the T-sockets, they are joined to create a secure and single frame. The stay- put enclosure is equipped with a gap free design which attaches the enclosures directly to the jump mat v-rings with the help of a button hole features that does not require any ropes to thread. They are UV protected and are durable to all weather conditions. They are made to meet ASTM safety standards.


It costs nearly $ 157. Check the exact price.


  • Saves space.
  • High quality at a smaller price range.
  • Suspended enclosure frame.
  • Basketball hoop
  • Break away rim for lower impact on enclosures.


  • Does not suit to be used by the kids exceeding 150 lbs weight.

Skywalker trampolines

Key features: High-quality materials,enclosure frame.

Pros: Easy to store and use.
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Extra safe trampolines

These trampolines come in bigger sizes and are rated high. One of the best trampolines under this category is manufactured by the Zupapa.

Zupapa TUV approved trampoline

The product tops the market with its TUV approval; TUV is a German organization that validates the safety of products. As they are quality products of German, they are safe to use. They have the poles that are much longer along with the two steel joints where: each pole and the joint are batched tightly at two places in order to make the trampoline safer and to enable firmness. They help in preventing structural twists. The frames are made of real heavy duty steel; galvanized to be rust resistant. They offer 108 springs unique of the other trampoline brands. They also provide 12 additional springs to offer super stretch and enable comfort. It can hold a weight of up to 375 lbs. The product costs $ 400- $ 500. Check the exact price.


  • TUV certified
  • Galvanized steel frame.
  • 7” springs offer extraordinary bounce.
  • Heavy duty, UV- protection jumping mat
  • Durable with polypropylene
  • PE+PVC foam softness
  • Extra wide spring and frame.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Benefitted with all essential accessories (ladder, enclosure, rain cover).


  • It is reported to be used only for light duty.
  • Some customers reported the breaking of zippers.
Zupapa TUV approved trampolines

Key features: Steel frame, wide spring.

Pros: Easy assembly, Provides great smooth.
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Highly priced trampolines

These trampolines are priced high as they are widely used by the gymnastics experts to perform heavy-duty functions. These are generally avoided by the customers to purchase for home. The best brand offering this trampoline range is the Jump sport trampolines of rectangular shapes.

Jumpsport 10’*17’ stagedbounce trampoline

These trampolines are considered suitable only to be fitted in a larger space. Due to the rectangular shape, they are widely preferred by the gymnasts to perform on a wider platform. They are enclosed with a safety net and are durable to stand for a long time. The safety enclosure comes equipped with poles that are padded and can absorb shocks.

In order to improve safety, it comes with an added strap and a suspension system with shock cord for added safety. The stage bounced technology benefit 50 % of the springs to get engaged immediately. This trampoline reduces the risk of injuries. The frame is heavy duty and is made of cold rolled steel with a tough jet black powder coat finish with a 10-year warranty. The pad of the frame is made of EPE closed cell foam with an outer covering made of PVC to enable strength.


  • Boosts stamina and develop balance.
  • It encourages visual activity.
  • Improved balance.


  • Some customers feel that it is labor intensive process.
Jumpsport trampoline

Key features: Heavy duty Steel frame, safety pad.

Pros: Improving the balance, boosts stamina.
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To summarize, the trampolines can be purchased to your needs,necessities and the wideness you need.The cost varies depending on these factors. With the above products as a reference, choose the best one accordingly. Also, write to us about how this article helped you in choosing the best product.


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