Best Trampoline Workouts

Best Trampoline Workouts

Do you know about trampoline workouts? If no, then we are sure that you have missed one of the best health devices. Trampoline workouts are common in many parts of the world. The workouts performed using trampoline is also referred as rebounding. The trampoline can also be used as a recreational activity.

Best Trampoline Workouts

A research by NASA has found that the trampoline exercise offers 70 percent fitness when compared to jogging for the same time. The trampoline workout has many benefits like burning calories, improving heart and lung fitness etc. There are many types of trampoline workouts in the world, some of the best trampoline workouts are listed below.

Straight jump

The best and the simple workout is the straight jump.

How to do

  • Stand straight in the trampoline.
  • Keep the arms raised above the head.
  • Jump up in the straight position.

Repeat this for about 30 seconds. Then minimize the speed and relax. The higher you jump, the higher will be the number of calories burned. This is because of the anti-gravity action offered by the trampoline.

Vertical elevation dance

The vertical elevation dance is also an easy workout.

How to do

  • Perform straight jump.
  • Add simple dance steps like turning your arms, hips etc.

This method has, jump up and down along with the dance moves; which offers the user to burn more amount of calories. The calories will burn in accordance with movement.

Seat drop

The seat drop is a common exercise especially done in the trampoline.

How to do

  • Perform straight jump.
  • Lift the limb in a seating position in the midway.
  • Land back with the legs.

 This will constitute the seat jump. The seat jump will be useful to burn the calories along the ribs, limbs and offer complete fitness.

Jumping jog

This is also an important exercise that can be used to combine the activities of both jogging and trampling. It is well suited for the daily joggers.

How to do

  • Perform warm-up jump.
  • Increase the height of the warm up jump.
  • After you reach a perfect height, land with the other foot.
  • Repeat this with alternate foot.

 By doing this, you can combine both jogging and jumping. It will help to maintain the health of the body and also helps the limb muscles to work well.

Trampoline prances

This is the best trampoline workout that is used to increase the heart function. This exercise can be performed easily.

How to do

  • Stand on the trampoline with feet 6 – 8 inches apart.
  • Start jumping on the trampoline, with your arms on your hip.
  • In the midway raise one limp to the hip level.
  • Do this alternatively with both left and right limb.

Repeat this for about 60 times. This will help to increase the blood flowing capacity in the body.

Core rotation

The core rotation is an important exercise that will help you to support your hips.

How to do

  • Keep your limbs and hips wide apart and the arms held near the chest.
  • Jump straight slowly.
  • While jumping rotate the body below the arms.

 Keep focusing on rotating your toes for stability. Perform this daily for about 30 seconds for better results.

So purchase the best trampoline and perform these workouts and safeguard your health. If you have any queries with this, comment us in the box.


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