What Are The Common Trampoline Accessories?

What Are The Common Trampoline Accessories

Trampolines have become one of the common equipment to be placed in the backyard. Although trampolines are fun to play and exercise, it can be made more enjoyable by adding many accessories. These accessories can be of different types to provide multiple functions such as; enabling safety or to add extra fun.

What Are The Common Trampoline Accessories

What are the common ones?

The common trampoline accessories include the following,

Safety enclosures

The trampoline enclosures are also known as surrounds or safety cage as it consists of upright steel poles that are covered with foam, a sleeve to go over the pole, a cap that rests on the top, clamps that can be attached to the poles to the trampoline legs and a netting to cover.


A trampoline tent is netting covered over your trampoline to convert a trampoline to a tent. They can be used by the kids to rest in it with their pals on an outdoor activity or for a hangout. The presence of the tent enables protection against the sun on the sunny days. As it is little raised above the ground level, you can be carefree to leave your children over the tent as it prevents the moisture from being absorbed and from the bug bites.


In general, the trampoline is one sided. In order to facilitate the trampolines to get attached to any one of the edges or to the sides, they come with the inbuilt hooks on the upper part. They are usually made with a tube-like metal support to enable the user to climb safely. The ladder benefits user lifting capacity, irrespective of the weight and the age.

They are built to be used both indoor and outdoor. The ladders generally come with the wider steps of 2-4 in number. To enable stability and durability, they are made with iron, carbon or steel. They are also easy to install as they come inbuilt with the hooks. These hooks can be latched to the outer rings of the trampolines with the help of its curved edges. The vertical tube support has inbuilt rubber edges to provide slip resistance and to make the ladder stand steady.

Replacement springs

The spring is the primary part of any trampoline. The bed of the trampoline is attached with a couple of many coiled springs. These springs offer bouncing rate by facilitating elasticity and connect it to the frame where the potential energy gets stored.

In general, the older springs offer lesser bounce rate and are considerable to be replaced to bring back the better bounces. The bouncing rate depends on the number of springs attached to the bed. The higher the number of springs, the greater is the bounce. In general, the trampolines of 12 feet use 80 springs whereas, those that are 14 inches use 96 springs to give a higher bouncing rate.

Anchor kits

Trampolines are prone to fly these days. They can lift up with the wind and damage your home and even your surroundings. This is because of the wider trampoline mat. The mats generally have padding that is secured with the springs. So, only a less wind can escape through the springs. Having a trampoline with net enclosure is more prone to be attacked by the wind as it acts like a sail.

How do you secure them? It can be done by detaching the parts of the trampoline separately and storing it in a place where it cannot be attacked by the wind. But, it is not that easy. Detaching is a tedious task and it can’t always be done as the storm or heavy wind approaches all of a sudden. At this juncture, the use of anchors and wind stakes came to power.

Basket ball hoop

These are nothing but an attachment that can be fitted to a trampoline. In the olden days, the original basket ball hoops were attached to an ordinary pole and placed next to the trampoline. This lead to several injuries and even complications as in many cases, the poles were not properly fixed or supported.

But the kids of this generation need not worry about this issue. Nowadays, the basket ball hoops are readily available to get attached directly onto a trampoline itself. This can be fitted to the trampolines which have the safety net or enclosure and hence are the safest to play with.

Weather cover pad

In general, every other item is covered with the help of the cover the manufacturer provide or by purchasing a new one in order to safeguard it from getting dusted. Similarly, the trampolines also require a cover pad so that it can be free from winter attacks. In sunny days, the cover helps to provide resistance against UV rays. Even a tiny piece of debris that gets laid on your trampoline for a longer period of time may damage your trampoline. It is necessary to choose a cover pad that is made of heavy duty PVC coated polyester.


To summarize, the trampoline accessories are a wide variety of products that comes separately to be fixed as an attachment. Make sure you purchase an accessory by knowing your trampoline size and shape so as to avoid fitting issues. Apart from these, there may be many other accessories keep getting introduced according to the latest trends. Use the accessory which is necessary for your trampoline at present and decorate your trampoline to get an all new look. Also, write to us about how this article helped you to purchase the best product.


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