How To Pick The Right Trampoline?

How To Pick The Right Trampoline

Trampoline is a recreational cum fun exercising device; it is made of a steel frame over which a strong fabric is lengthened using a plenty of coiled springs to offer elasticity. Upon jumping on a trampoline, you bounce up and down and feel fun.

How To Pick The Right Trampoline

The growing population wishes to purchase a trampoline on their own to have a good time in their garden which benefits both the kids and the adults; to have fun and exercise. There is a wide range of the trampoline products available in the markets that vary in size, shape and the weight holding capacity.

What are the factors to be considered while choosing one?

The wide variety literally leads to confusion on which is the best trampoline. Well, it depends on according to several factors with respect to your family requirements. We have listed the essential factors to be considered while purchasing a trampoline. Continue reading to know them.

Price factor

The Trampolines are in three different categories based on their pricing. They are,

  • Top band– These trampolines are the expensive ones; they are strong and offer higher bouncing rate and are durable.
  • Mid band– These are the widely purchased types as they are both affordable and offer performance.
  • Budget band– These are low range products and offer performance and bounce rate little lower than the other categories.

Even though many prefer to go with the budget ones, it is generally advised to avoid choosing them as they require frequent spare parts maintenance.

Features factor

Each Trampoline is unique with different features, but the best should contain the following features namely,

  • Springs– The size of the springs contribute to the bouncing factor and hence, the trampolines with springs lesser than 96* 8.5” (14 ft) and 80* 8.5” (12 ft) should be avoided.
  • Pads– They covers the springs and must be looked for the filling and the coating used in the padding. Purchase the one with lightweight foam filling and heavyweight vinyl coating.
  • Bed- The beds come as either polymesh or permatron fabric. The round trampoline with these fabrics does not bounce better. Whereas, the midrange ones do a good job.
  • Frames- In general the frames of all brands come with a warranty of 10 years as it is non-breakable. However, take care to buy a frame which is standard one with the required spring dimensions.

Color factor

In general, the blue color is the traditional trampoline color. But there are various other preferences like green to match the place of using.

Shape factor

The shapes of the trampoline range as,

  • Round- These are safer to use and offers promising bounce rate with space saving capacity.
  • Oval- These are safe, good looking and offers performance and bounce rate similar to that of the round trampolines.

User factor

The trampoline has to be purchased with respect to the age and weight of the user; be it children or adults and also the amount of space you can spare for placing it.


To summarize, Purchase the one considering all the above factors and the one which best suits your needs. The shape of the trampoline has to be decided based on the performance and bounce rate you prefer to use and the bed has to be chosen based on the comfort they provide by allowing air flow and offering better bouncing. Also, make sure you purchase the one which has easy availability of the spare parts and are easy to maintain with a longer guarantee periods.


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