SpringFree Trampoline VS Spring Trampoline


Trampolines were considered to be an unsafe outdoor entertainment in the earlier 90’s, but now as the technology advances, the safety of the trampolines have been increased drastically, the present hottest trend in the trampoline industry is the Spring Free Trampolines.

So, How Springfree Trampolines differ from the traditional Spring trampolines? What made Springfree trampoline favorite? Why are Spring trampolines neglected? So many of you have a number of questions similar to the above ones; today let’s discuss find out the answer to all your question regarding the trampolines in detail below.

The History Behind Springfree Trampolines

The Springfree concepts in trampolines were incorporated before 16 years by a Father (Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander), he wants his kids to do the exercise with more fun but don’t want them to deal with the injuries.

He came to know about the recent survey that was held by US trampoline center that the number of the person who visited hospital due to the injuries faced through trampolines was high when compared to other diseases or aspects.

Reasons Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander found for Trampoline Injuries

The two main reasons for the trampoline injuries was due to the spring area and about the chances of slipping off.

He already knew how kids and adults are falling from the trampoline; he decided to add a safety enclosure to his model for protecting them from falling off.

He found that the problem was with the spring and frame. Then he decided to remove the frame area without making any compromise or changes in the trampoline fun.

He needed a team for testing it whether it will work out correctly and at last with his staffs, he succeeded in developing a Springfree trampoline with more safety enclosures.

Difference Between Spring & Springfree Trampolines

Proceed below to check the difference between a spring and springless design in brief.

Spring Trampolines

A traditional trampoline with strong and frame area made kids and adults fall off quickly; this is what changed in Springfree trampolines. The springs were replaced and covered by proper pads for the safety and protection of the users.

Even in Springfree types, many users get hurt due to the low-quality spring cover. It’s mandatory for you to purchase the Springfree with high-quality safety covers so that you can remain safe while having fun on them.

One of the primary reason for the injuries in spring trampolines was caused due to the spring area that was left uncovered; the other reason was that of the metal frame, there are chances for them to run around the trampolines and therefore results even in bone fractures.

Springfree Trampolines

This springless design was similar to the traditional trampoline sin look and other features; the only difference was the fiberglass rods. This rod was developed to be flexible and used instead of springs.

You can find both jumping mat and trampoline frame parallel and connected with the help of flexible rods.

The other design of this springless trampolines indulged chords that were developed to be flexible for attaching the inflatable frame and jumping mat together. The reason for the change is to increase or enhance the trampoline safety.

How Springfree Trampolines rebound effect occurs?

This can be achieved in the following ways.

While the user jumps on the jumping mat, the rod that sits beneath the jumping surface outer rim flex due to the pressure and therefore is being the reason for the steady bounce.

In the place of coil springs, elastic bands are used, therefore you will be able to hop easily but hands stretching is not possible with this type.

Bottom Line

Though these Springfree trampolines are expensive, parents prefer them due to the safety.

At last, Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander has succeeded his project, and now many kids and adults are making use of the Springfree trampoline to have fun and enjoy, The number of people using springless trampolines is higher at present when compared to the traditional spring trampolines.

Any queries regarding Springless and spring trampolines? If yes, shoot your questions through the comment section below. Any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to be added to the topic are also welcome.

What are your views on this both Spring and Springfree Trampolines?


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