10 Best Trampoline Games To Have Fun

10 Best Trampoline Games To Have Fun

Children of this generation prefer to play indoors with the electronic mode that requires spending less energy and hesitate to get outdoors for spending energy. This has resulted in the increased percentage of kids getting obesity and other weight related issues.

10 Best Trampoline Games To Have Fun

These children are adamant to perform exercises to burn the excess weight. This can be avoided if you have a trampoline at home in the yard. You can make your kids jump on the trampoline to have fun and to burn calories simultaneously.

What are the most entertaining games?

Trampoline games are not only a way to exercise with fun; it also has an impact on body and muscle composition, thereby maintaining the complete health. They also develop coordination, body control along with the movement skills to boost up their confidence to get engage in outdoor games too.

But, how do you make it more interesting and entertaining? No worries, we have helped you by listing 10 of the most fun and engaging games that will definitely entertain your kids. They are as follows,

Cracked Egg

This game is played with all players standing at the top at the same time. These are preferred to be done with little kids; aged 5 years and above and with a minimum of 3 players. The game is begun by making a player sit in the middle with arms around the knees that are drawn to the chest to form an egg shape. All the other players are required to form a circle around the player sitting at the centre. They then have to jump around her until the player sitting loses grip and releases her arms crossed from being around her legs which are considered as cracking the egg. This game is also known as popcorn.

Poison balls

The game is also referred to as land mines and requires plenty of people to play with. It has to be begun by putting soft balls on the trampoline. The kids playing have to consider the balls to be poison and jump to avoid getting hit by them. As the balls are of rolling nature, they tend to roll in unpredicted ways. If a person gets touched by a single ball, they are considered to be out of the game. Take care to use soft toys or balls to play this game and avoid using hard toys as it may cause injuries.

Bullseye bounce

It has to be played by drawing a bullseye on the centre of the trampoline mat with the help of a chalk. Now start adding values or points to each of the circle with   the bullseye being the highest point. Now, use wet sponges of several colors and begin hitting the circles of different values, while aiming to hit the bullseye. The player who first hits the bullseye is considered to be the winner. If there is none, then choose the player who has scored the maximum number of points.

Bum wars

This is one of the challenging games that can be played among children. The game can be made more challenging by adding more number of kids and bigger children with different weights. This has to be begun by jumping off one player at a time. The player has to jump a while to warm up and then have to drop down to their bums and bounce back only by landing on their feet. Each player is given only one chance to bounce bum and feet. If in case the player bounces twice, they will be declared out. The last player who stands in the mat is declared as the winner.

Snatch the sock

This game is more fun and engaging to play. It is begun by each player placing a sock in their back pockets of the dress they wear. Then, it is continued by bouncing on the trampoline when simultaneously trying to snatch the other player’s sock. The players losing their socks are declared out and continued with others. At the end the person who stands till the end of his sock or the person who has snatched a number of socks are declared as the winner.

The alphabet song

This game can be played with those kids who have just begun schooling. It is both fun and gives a learning experience. Draw all the letters of the English alphabet in different places by shuffling them without the normal order of sequence. The little kid has to begin by jumping on the trampoline by stepping from one alphabet to the next preceding alphabet by singing the alphabet song on the go. The first player to reach the last letter is declared as the winner.

Bounce the Buddha

This is similar to the cracked game with a small twist. The game has to have minimum three players to make it fun. It has to be begun by making a player sit in the centre of the mat with the legs crossed and hands facing the earth to resemble the posture of a meditating Buddha. All the other players have to start jumping forming a circle around the person seated and make the seated one collapse to wobble the posture and fall down. When a player gets out, he/she has to be replaced with the other player and continue to play.

Memory jump

This is one of the most interesting games; which is more fun and also helps to improve concentration and memory power. It requires a number of players to make it interesting. It has to be begun by a player making a random move or step to jump on the mat. The second person incoming has to do the move of the first person along with another move of his own. The third person has to continue with the previous 2 moves plus his own. It has to be continued similarly. The player, who forgets the previous moves or fails to perform correctly, is considered to be out of the game. The last one standing is the winner.

Marco polo

This game can be played by kids irrespective of their ages but requires a minimum of three people to make it more fun. It has to be begun by making one person sit in the middle with his eyes closed. Others have to spread around the seated person and try to be quite. The centre person has to count till ten with eyes closed. Once they reach ten, they have to get up and try tagging any of the players with the eyes still in a closed position. Then, the centre person has to yell “MARCO” and the rest has to follow the person by yelling “POLO”. Now, the person tagged has to sit in the middle and the person who previously sat in the middle can join the other fellow players. This can be continued till you get bored.

Simon says

This is one of the best games to burn calories and also to improve concentration power along with having fun. The game has to be begun, by making a player stand out and others in the mat; jumping. The person outside has to give an instruction asking to perform a movement prefixed by “Simon says”. For example, an instruction can be given as, “Simon says jump on one leg” where all the players jumping has to follow it. It has to be followed by several sets of instructions given by the person standing out. The person who fails to follow the instruction is considered out and has to replace the person standing out. This has to continue, till all the players get tired.

These are the 10 interesting games that can be played with a simple trampoline and engage kids to play outdoors. As all the kids are fond of playing on a trampoline, this can help your children burn more calories and provide refreshments.