DIY Trampoline Bed- How To Recycle The Worn Out Trampolines?

Diy Trampoline Bed- How To Recycle The Worn Out Trampolines

Trampolines are fun to work with all people irrespective of their ages. The worn out trampoline accessories can be purchased separately and replaced in place of the old one and make the trampoline get back its original bouncing effect.

Diy Trampoline Bed- How To Recycle The Worn Out Trampolines

But what do you do with a trampoline frame which underwent several replacements and is considered to be thrown out? Why not you use a creative way to turn your old and worn out trampoline frames into a cushiony and cradling bed?

What are the things required?

To make a trampoline you will need the following,

  • Trampoline frame ring
  • Bounce mat and springs
  • Trampoline mat that is soft and has foam padding
  • Sheet
  • Rope that is braided to hold heavy weight
  • Strong chain
  • Cushions

What are the steps involved in making?

Turning out an old trampoline into an all new bed has to be done by following six major basic steps. They are,

Getting the base ready

To make a trampoline bed, the legs are not necessary. So remove them by unscrewing the screws with a screwdriver. If they are rusted and dirty, scrub them with a wire mesh such that they become clean. Now, oil them up for facilitating easy removal. This is going to be used as a base for the trampoline bed.

Spring cover up

The trampoline springs generally trap the little fingers of the kids and cause pain. For these beds, those annoying springs are necessary but it has to be covered up such that it does not spoil your relaxation time. For this, you will require covering up the springs with a piece of cloth or rope. The cloth pieces have to be wrapped around the springs along with the outer frame so as to form a soft layer with cushioned effect.  Also, use the thin foam by placing it under the cloth and the rope to create extra softness.


The trampoline mats have to be covered with the sheet first, that has to be followed by covering with the cushion in order to create a cushiony effect. For additional cushioning, cover the mat with a foam cushion that is soft instead of an ordinary cushion. Continue covering until you finish covering the entire area of the mat.

Fixing ropes

In general, the old trampoline mats tend to be a bit saggy at the centre. This can be rectified by hanging the frame that is cushioned with the help of a braided rope. This can be done by passing the rope under the mat and around the sides such that the saggy part gets firm. Once the beds stay stiff, bring the rope ends to the top and make a strong knot tie them tightly over the bed or by connecting it to a chain.

Hanging up

Find a perfect area to hang your bed. The bed can be hung down to one of the thickest tree branches at the backyard or to the beams of the verandah. Make sure that the support you give to hang is capable of holding the weight of the bed and the person resting on it. Now, suspend the bed with the braided rope.


The final step is to decorate your hanging bed. This can be done by choosing quilts to match your exteriors, placing some cushions or pillows, or by creating a tent look by wrapping screens around the ropes.

That’s it! You are done making an extraordinary handmade trampoline bed. Use it to relax,   read books, hang out with friends or even sleep.


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