Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline Review

Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline Review

Most of the people like to keep their body slim. By doing the exercise, they can maintain their body without getting fat. As rebounding is considered to be the most famous form of exercise, you can jump, dance and also perform several exercises in it.

Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline Review

The urban rebounder is a part of the low-impact exercise program. It can offer you great fitness and is available in different dimensions. Before using the rebounder, you have to note the following points about it.


The springs of the trampoline are of made of heavy duty material and the jumping surface is made of soft fabrics. The capacity of weight it can hold is up to 300 pounds. It is designed to have 6 motivational workouts and includes commercial-quality mini trampoline and rubber crutch tip.

It is designed such that the springs are not covered. The bouncing surface is about 28 inches. The frame is made of metal and contains two different sized hinged legs.


As the jumping surface seems to be soft, one can jump free, without any disturbance. It helps to strengthen the core and to maintain the balance and the co ordination perfectly. The bar is used to keep you stable.  It requires only a little amount of space and there is no need of a special equipment apart from the rebounder.

By doing the abdominal work out, the fat gets melted away. It won’t cause any pain in your legs or in the joints. You can have fun by jumping on it.

Rubber crutch tip is used to provide comfort to the legs of the people and improves the functionality. By doing exercises in the rebounder, the lymphatic flow can be increased at a higher level. It is used to increase the immune function in the body.

The energy can be absorbed by the springs to get replaced very easily. As the mat of the trampoline is made of the best quality material, the user can use the product for extended periods.

It plays a major role in increasing the heart rate and decreasing the shock, stress and helps to keep the cells, tissue, glands and organs to be active. Thus, the person can have a long life span.

Suits for

It is especially suited for athletes and for senior citizens.


If necessary, you can fold the trampoline and store it in one suitable place. Also, the product occupies only the smallest amount of place.


Urban rebounding workout can be done for 20 minutes  a day and thrice per week.


The cost of the product ranges from $ 139 to $ 200. Check the exact price.

Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline

Key features: Heavy duty springs. Mini trampoline.

Pros: Folds for easy storage, Super soft jumping surface.

On viewing the above details, you can get ideas about the urban rebounder mini trampoline and understand how the trampoline works to lose weight. You should handle it properly, else, your foot can get injured. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.


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