10 Trampoline tricks to impress your friends

trampoline tricks

Jumping up and down can be fun while considering any age groups, but it gets faded off when it repeats. If you are having a trampoline and well versed with it, then you can try out this trampoline tricks to impress your friends.trampoline-tricks

If you are a beginner or not having enough experience on trampolines, do not try them without any experienced persons as this could cause severe injuries. Make sure you are wearing all safety enclosures before trying out the tricks to reduce the injuries in case of falling.

10 Trampoline Tricks you need to know

Trampoline tricks include basic and advanced steps, try out the basic ones first and then the advanced one for the slow and natural progress.

Basic Trampoline Tricks

Ready to add little more spice and fun with your trampolines? Here are few tricks you can try out to impress your friends or loved ones.

Double Bounce

For this particular trick, you will need two jumpers and better to perform it in a backyard trampolines. The primary goal of this trick is to do extra high bounces, following the method correctly will make you jump higher than the regular bounce you does.

Get ready to perform hopping with your friend or partner; this bouncing would work greater if both of you are so near to the trampoline center and this is especially for the partner who is waiting for extra high bouncing.

Here in this trick, the person who jumps and reached the trampoline within seconds will tend to pull their jumping pad to the trampoline with their weight and the second jumper hits the pad after the first partner and gets jolted as there takes extra force within them.

There is high chance of injury with this tricks, also bouncing higher can cause knee problem in any age groups easily, so make sure you use every safety enclosures before starting this bouncing.

Pike Jump

Are you a beginner and performing this trick? If so, this would be more challenging for you! This is one of the coolest tricks you can perform on your trampolines as this will help you to bounce higher in the air. Make sure you’re both of the legs are pointed in front of you when you jump into the air.

In this case, your position will be like; the straight up arms will touch the toes while bringing legs together.


The main goal is to know how many spins are you going to complete before you land on the trampoline. Start the trick with small steps and turn complete one-quarter turn and then complete the 360 degrees perfectly.

It’s difficult to land over the trampoline with spin as spinning will be fast with your body, and there are chances of losing the look over the trampoline pad while reaching down. Believe on your instincts to land correctly; there are high chances for injuries in this type.

Knee Drop

This trampoline tricks can be tried even by the beginners, a straightforward and easiest trick to impress your loved one with ease. In this trick you are going to jump in the air and then with the help of your knees, you are going to land and then pop back up. Simple right?

Seat Drop

You are going to make use of your butt to land prettily on the trampoline, you are going to jump in the air straightly, and when performing this action each time, you are required to bring your legs forward. You can imagine this, while your legs forwards, you definitely will land on your butt quickly.

You can perform this multiple times, and while playing the trick, you need to hold your hands back directly against the matt so that you will spring back up for the next landing.

Back Drop

This is also one of the common and simplest tricks to perform by beginners, in this trick you will trust fall and land. Someone will be there in the backdrop trampoline to catch you and then push you back for the next landing. I assure that this will be interesting and you will tend to do it multiple times.

You will be able to land with your middle part of the back if you are performing the trick correctly.

Front Pull Over

This is one of the impressive and spectacular trampoline tricks for the advanced and experienced trampoline jumpers. In this trick, you need to multiple actions like jumping in the air, performing front flips and at last you need to land on your back.

While landing, you will be pushed forward due to the motion for performing another flip, and this can be compared to the roll flip.

Advanced Trampoline Tricks

While performing this tricks, you need to more careful when compared to the basic tricks as there are high chances of injury if you missed any step.

Front Flip

One of the hardest trampoline tricks you are going to attempt, the first thing you need is to perform a high jump, tuck legs in and then you need to flip forward which will help you to complete the front flip successfully. You will land on your feet if you have tackled the trampoline trick correctly.

Side Flip

Another hardest trick you are going to perform, do not get discouraged if it did not come perfectly for the first time as doing it multiple times only will help you to achieve the correct perfection in this trampoline trick. This is just similar to front flips; you are going to flip sideways in this type.

Start with a good bounce on the trampoline and start flipping on left or right side based on the position you are standing, as this trick have high chances for neck injury, please wear all necessary safety enclosures before you start.

Back Flip

This is the complete opposite to the front flip, in this, you will start with a good bounce and tuck your legs in as front flip, but you will tilt your head back instead of flipping forward. Even experienced show a little bit of hesitation to perform this back flip as they are more challenging to complete.

Bottom Line

Hope the above ten different kinds of trampoline tricks will help you to impress your friends or loved ones, keep enjoying and have fun on the trampolines, I repeat to perform this all tricks you need to wear enough safety enclosures to start with it. But, it is also important that you should have the best trampoline to try all these tricks.

Any ideas, suggestions, and questions on the topic are welcome.


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